This blog is about the process of coherently joining what I was in the beginning and what I will be in the end in order to bring all that I can be into who I am in the here and now. Not only accepting my complexity but embracing it. Not running, hiding or holding back any more. I am becoming Amaris Arts!

Amaris (Am-Ar(e)-Is) Arts:

Amaris is not the name I was born with but it is made from the beginning of my first name and the end of my last name put together.Therefore it relates to the whole of me, my beginning and my end – all of me.

It is a name of it’s own and has a meaning in other languages: In Hebrew Amaris means Promised by God (Given by God, Whom God has promised or pledged by God). In Latin amāris 2nd-person singular present passive indicative of amō You are loved, you are liked (2nd person singular present passive indicative of amō “You are loved” “You are liked” in Latin).

It also could be seen as being formed of the 3 words Am, Are and Is: Am: [am; unstressed uh m, m] Verb 1st person singular present indicative of be. Are: [ahr; unstressed er] Verb Present indicative plural and 2nd person singular of be. Is: [iz] Verb 3rd person singular present indicative of be. I am, We are, He is

Through my life and that which I create I want to to declare that ‘I am, and we are (unique, creative, expressive, positive, encouraging, inspiring, brilliant, amazing, loveable, loved, loving…) because He (God) is also. That is how we are made in His image. We are all part of God and He is reflected in us and through us. I am and we are as He is.

‘Arts’ points to not only expressing things through creative arts, but also the journey creating – the the art of doing (not just merely thinking and wanting to do).


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